Considerations for Americans Traveling to Cuba  


I am an American Citizen, and made my travels through Cuba legally. My thanks are extented to the generosity of many individuals and to an understanding and research of the United States position on the interaction of its citizens with Cuba considered to be, due to historical events, an unfriendly country.

My research indicated it is not illegal for a US Citizen to travel to Cuba, only to spend money to do so under the, "Trading With The Enemy Act" which is administered by the US Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control. The basic goal is of the sanctions on Cuba is to isolate Cuba economically and deprive it of US dollars.



Travel to Cuba without obtaining special permission from the US Treasury Department is authorized (including the ability to spend US dollars within certain limitations) to persons that fall in the following categories:


A specific license may also be issued by the Office of Foreign Assets Control on a case by case basis to persons traveling in the following categories.


Additionally, fully hosted or sponsored travelers may travel to Cuba without contacting OFAC if the traveler's Cuba related expenses are covered by a person not subject to US Jurisdiction. Fully hosted travel to and from Cuba cannot be aboard a direct flight between Cuba and the United States.

This clause in the statutes relating to Cuba travel provided the vehicle for my adventure. My travel was wholly hosted by the generosity of non US Citizens, most notably my good friend and British Subject, Chris.

Without their aid, finance and help, my travel adventures though Cuba would not have been possible. I extent my heartfelt gratitude to all who made this experience possible, especially Chris.


"This commentary expresses only the author's opinions and the reader is advised to consult with authoritive experts on the subject matter as its relates to the reader's own situation. The author assumes nor accepts any liability for the content contained herein."

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